PestWorld 2009 and Bedbug.com - a Success Story

    No bug was safe in Las Vegas recently, as several thousand attendees converged on the Palazzo Resort and Casino to take part in the National Pest Management Association’s (NPMA) PestWorld 2009. The event, billed as the largest of its kind globally, brought together virtually all segments of the pest management industry under one giant roof. The annual event drew pest control professionals, manufacturers, consultants and other related vendors from across the globe in order to hear experts discuss relevant issues, present new products and just plain hob-knob about everything bug. 


    This year’s edition was seen as a qualified success, as attendance (reportedly up 10%) was surprisingly robust considering a difficult economic climate. Vendors were exposed to a solid stream of interested parties, and there was a distinct buzz emanating from the exhibit hall – and it wasn’t a swarm of bees, either. As well, a full array of programming was also held with topics from across the pest management spectrum, such as:
    • Pest Detection Using Canines (Pepe Peruyero) 
    • Organic Pest Management (Jay Bruesch) 
    • Battling Bed Bugs: Pitfalls and Prudence (Dr. Michael Potter) 
    • Global Food Safety (Greg Baumann) 
    • The Newest Fly Management Research (Dr. Phil Koehler) 
    • The Importance of Pest Management in Public Health (Dr. Harold Harlan) 

    It was obvious that participants came to make deals and find new ways to improve and increase their businesses. There were gadgets, gizmos, sprays, mists, pellets, steamers, freezers, probes, detectors and traps galore, keeping the rapt attention of all in attendance. There were speakers and teachers and musicians and lawyers and even an entomologist or three to impart their knowledge upon those wise enough to sit in on the myriad sessions that took place. 

    The hot topic of the event was clearly bed bugs, though and, as luck would have it, we, Bedbug.com, were ready to answer the bell. And ring it did! Those little mattress dwellers were on everyone’s mind as vendors lined up to offer their solutions – heat, cold, chemicals – you name it. Bedbug.com’s booth was a regular hotbed of activity, as our staff fielded questions galore on the proper use of encasement as part of an overall bed bug treatment solution. 

    We were very happy to have such interest in our Bedbug.com Authorized Distributor program, which allows pest control professionals the opportunity to build their bed bug business by offering their customers the best and most reasonably priced encasement products available. It seems the case for Bedbug.com encasements was indeed made. Are you covered yet? Yet another measure of the event’s success was a clear message from those attending this year that they fully intend to join the fray next year in Hawaii. Tough job, but someone has to do it. See you next time! Aloha!