Anti Bed Bug Patent Pending Zipper Technology

    The best way to protect a bed against infestation is through the use of a zippered mattress cover. Bed bug protection in bedding encasements can be evaluated by the effectiveness of the zipper. Bedbug.com's zipper technology prevents bed bugs from working their way through a closed zipper.

    Anti Bed Bug Zipper on SecureSleep Encasement Products


    "Bedbug.com’s zipper technology, Zip Tech™, truly separates us from the competition!"

    Independent laboratory testing proves that Bedbug.com's encasements, together with their zipper technology, are bed bug proof.

    The clear difference between poor quality bed bug encasement products and Bedbug.com high quality encasement products is the effectiveness of the zipper. This is the weak link, and a bed bug’s primary point of entry and exit if not designed properly.

    Bedbug.com’s scientifically designed and zipper technology, known as Zip Tech™, truly separates us from the competition. Ouranti bed bug zipper incorporates several features which when combined, are highly effective in containing already infested mattresses, pillows and box springs, or acting as a protective barrier to keep bed bugs out.

      Anti bed bug zipper technology

    Zip Tech™ zipper technology offers 3-way protection:

    • The zipper's micro-teeth are so small that even an infant nymph stage bed bug (almost microscopic in size) can’t get through
    • The ingenious Velcro security plate behind the zipper head ensures that once the zipper is closed, it stays closed
    • Scientifically engineered triangulation seal above the zipper head keeps it all in place and locked tight andkeeps you safe from bed bugs

    Our zipper technology, along with a highly effective bite-proof fabric made of micro-polyester and a nano-urethane laminate, combine to prevent bed bug entry and exit, and avoid bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are completely unable to maneuver their way in or out when you use our SecureSleep™ encasements!

    Zip Tech™, as well as the encasement's impenetrable double biased seams, go hand-in-hand with the fact that there are no pesticides used in our product line. This ensures that you have a safe, healthy and secure sleep environment.

    The zipper technology is included in all products in the SecureSleep™ encasement product line:

    Bedbug mattress protector Product Features

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