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    Bed bug proof certification is available for Bedbug.com's SecureSleep™ encasements. TheSecureSleep™ encasement product line includes:

    Bed Bug and Bed Bug Bite Proof Certified in Lab Tests

    Independent laboratory tests conclude that Bedbug.com's encasements are bed bug proof, preventing bed bugs from entering, escaping, and biting through your encasement.

    See page 7 of the Lab Test Results (in pdf) where it states that SecureSleep™ encasements werecompletely effective in preventing bed bugs from reaching the encased 'mattresses'. No bed bugs were found inside the SecureSleep™ encasements after five days.



    "SecureSleep™ encasements were completely effective in preventing bed bugs from reaching the encased 'mattresses'. No bed bugs were found inside the SecureSleep™ encasements after five days."

    In our follow up test by entomologist Dr. Gibb, not only were the encasements found to prevent bed bugs from entering and exiting the encasements, but "further, SecureSleep™ encasements effectively prevent sealed bed bugs from feeding though."

    Bedbug.com's scientifically engineered and designed encasement technology has been proven effective during multiple rigorous entomology laboratory tests.

    Our patent pending zipper technology, known as Zip Tech™, along with a highly effective micro-polyester bite-proof fabric, combine to keep bed bugs out, help prevent bed bugs bites, and avoid bed bug infestation. Or, if you already have bed bugs, keeps them locked in and away from you and your family.

    Bed bugs are completely unable to penetrate in or out when you use our SecureSleep™ mattress covers, pillow protectors and box spring encasements!

    Entomologist tested and recommended, this anti bed bug mattress protector features scientifically designed and Zip Tech™ zipper technology, with 3-way protection and re-enforced seams.

    Unlike some products, which simply cover the mattress top leaving the rest exposed, SecureSleep™ mattress protectors fully encase your mattress from top to bottom, and have a re-enforced interior lining, making them long-lasting and durable.

    In addition, there are no pesticides used in our product line, thus providing you and your family with a safe, healthy and secure sleep environment.