Welcome to the Bed Bug Knowledge Center

    With the dramatic increase in bed bug cases over the last few years (up a reported 500%), the need for effective bed bug information regarding identification, prevention and treatments have come crashing to the forefront.

    In no small part, getting the facts about these pests has become critical. If you are among the fortunate, a few prudent steps of prevention will allow you to avoid the bed bug problem. But, statistically, that seems to be moving less in your favor and more into the bed bug's column.

    In this section you will find all the relevant facts and figures about the cimex lectularius, aka the bed bug. Their lifecycle, breeding habits, feeding habits, and identification are all discussed. Plus, we'll tell you how to avoid them, and if that fails, how to treat them.

    Step Bed Bug Solution

    And, if you find yourself with an unexpected and certainly unwanted infestation of bed bugs, here is a 4 step solution to get rid of the problem: