Bed Bug Safety Tips When Using a Cleaning Service

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Using a Cleaning Service

    Using a professional cleaning service is a great way to save time these days. But, make sure they are leaving the house clean and not bringing in bed bugs in the process.

    Here are some excellent tips to stay clear of bed bugs.

    Bedbug tips for a cleaning service:

    • Ask your cleaning service if they are familiar with bed bug infestations and signs of bed bugs. 
    • Also ask them what steps they take to avoid the bed bug issue. Read up on reviews about the company you’re hiring.
    • Ask if they hold onto belongings from other houses in their truck – i.e., if they carry old mattresses for other people, chances are they also carry other people’s bed bugs around in their cleaning trucks.
    • Remember, cleaning alone is not enough to get rid of bed bugs, but any reduction in clutter, whether by you or at the hands of a cleaning service, will reduce the amount of places that bed bugs have to hide. 
    • If your cleaning service does find bed bug eggs, a good way of dislodging them is by scrubbing the area thoroughly with a stiff brush.
    • The more thorough the cleaning service, the more likely bed bugs will be found – removing the headboard from your bed and checking behind drawers and under furniture are good ideas in bed bug inspections.
    • Make sure they clean around baseboards and electrical outlets and behind wall hangings.
    • Make sure they use a powerful vacuum, or if they will be using yours – make sure you own a powerful bagged vacuum – do not use bag less!
    • Ask them to throw out garbage (such as vacuum bags) into outside receptacles rather than your home garbage can. 

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