Bed Bug Safety Tips When Returning from a Trip

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Returning from a Trip

    Vacations are great! Sun, surf, scenery or skiing. Sounds sensational! But, bed bugs can spoil the fun!

    Bed bugs are spread through travel. They hitch rides in your luggage, on your shoes and on clothing.

    Make sure you avoid these hitchhiking pests while you travel and make sure you don’t bring them into your home!

    Check out these valuable bed bug tips and use them when you return from vacation or a business trip.

    Bedbug tips for after your trip:

    • Before leaving your hotel/cabin etc., recheck the outside of your luggage, laundry bag, clothes and shoes for hitchhiking bed bugs or their eggs.
    • Put all clothing in bed bug free luggage liners or laundry bags before leaving your vacation destination.
    • If you find bed bugs on your suitcase or clothes, leave them there. That’s right, it’s far cheaper to buy yourself a new suitcase and outfit than it is to pay for a bedbug extermination.
    • Unpack your bags outdoors if possible.
    • If bed bugs are found when you arrive home, let the location where you suspect you may have gotten them know, to prevent further infestation. 
    • Remember, this could be your hotel, plane, taxi, etc. so don’t be too quick to accuse. 
    • Vacuum the inside and outside of your luggage as well as the outside of your bed bug free luggage liner and laundry bag before entering the house. Make sure you are using a bagged vacuum, not bagless.
    • Wash & dry your clothing (and if possible luggage) in extreme heat. Over 140 degrees Fahrenheit to be safe. 
    • If you can’t wash your clothing at such heats, you should have it dry cleaned. If dry cleaning is still too expensive for you, you can leave your clothes out in the extreme heat (again over 140 degrees) or cold (below 32 degrees) for a few days. Bed bugs cannot live in such extreme temperatures.

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