Bed Bug Safety Tips When Renovating and Redecorating

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Renovating and Redecorating

    It can be very stressful when you decide to do a home makeover, redecorate or renovate. And, nothing like a good case of bed bug infestation to pile on even more stress. But, if you make some minor adjustments, it can actually be a very good time to "bed bug proof" your environment.

    Avoid bedbugs when renovating/redecorating:

    • NEVER bring in furniture from the street – whether it’s a mattress, a chair or even a bookshelf.
    • Do not buy recycled mattresses.
    • Does your moving company or furniture delivery offer to pick up your old mattress with their delivery truck? While this may seem sweet, this means they pick up everyone’s old mattress and chances are one of those has bed bugs! Steer clear of such offers.
    • Ask how often your moving company sprays their moving trucks, if at all.
    • Steer clear of curtains, moldings, and bed skirts, and dust ruffles whenever possible, since these allow more locations for bed bugs to hide.
    • Use closet organizers to prevent clutter.
    • Use metal headboards that bed bugs can’t climb up.
    • Have plain walls wherever possible – the less wall hangings, the less bed bug hiding places.
    • Encase all your mattress/box spring/bedding with anti-bed bug products from Bedbug.com.
    • Use anti-bedbug laundry bags.
    • Use a metal bar to hang clothes on in closets.
    • Look for ways to best secure wall hangings and electrical outlets to the wall so bed bugs have less places to hide.

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