Bed Bug Safety Tips When Getting Married & Setting Up a New Home

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Getting Married & Setting Up a New Home

    It’s and exciting time in your life when you get married and move into your first home. Start your life together the right way, and keep bed bugs from ruining the scene.

    Tips to keep your new home bed bug free!

    • Just make sure it’s you and your new spouse in the bed, and that you are not sharing it with bed bugs!
    • Protect your new life and home together by covering your mattress and box spring with an anti-bed bug encasement.
    • Believe it or not, those blood suckers will crawl into your new pillow cases that you got as a wedding gift if you don’t protect them by encasing them as well!
    • Also, don’t forget to purchase the crucially needed anti-bed bug laundry bag, which protects your clothes while waiting for laundry day.
    • When planning that romantic honeymoon getaway, make sure it’s everything you dreamed of and don’t let those tenacious blood suckers ruin it. Go prepared and travel with anti-bedbug luggage liners and laundry bags.
    • We also advise for your comfort and protection, while en route to your destination, an anti-bedbug travel pillow and encasement.

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