Bed Bug Safety Tips When Choosing a Caterer and Outfitting a Party

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Choosing a Caterer and Outfitting a Party

    The party has to be perfect. You've chosen the best caterer in town. But, besides the tasty food, what else might they be bringing into your home?

    Bed bugs are easily transported in tablecloths, on shoes and on any clothing.

    Your caterer is likely to have been in many homes and just may have come into contact with bedbugs!

    Here are some important tips to avoid getting bed bugs at your party.

    Bedbug tips when outfitting a party:

    • If the weather allows for it, having a party outside is best, as it does not allow bed bugs a chance to get into your home (plus it’s a much easier clean up). If not, renting a party hall that is far away from your own home is also a good idea.
    • Party in the winter? Keep your visitor’s coats separate from your own, just in case any of them are carrying in bed bugs, you wouldn’t want them to lend you some. 
    • Making the party in your home? Keep it isolated. Make the party only in the living or dining room area, keeping guests out of the kitchen, playroom etc. so the bed bugs have less places to take hold – and you have less places to clean. Also, the more creases and folds in your linens, the more places there are for bed bugs to hide so keep the decorations simple. Stick with balloons instead of flowing streamers.
    • Paying for a caterer, musician, flower shop etc. Check online reviews to see if there are any previous bed bug complaints about the company you choose. If so, chances are they’ve still got some bed bugs in their truck and/or equipment and should be avoided if possible. Don’t be afraid to ask these vendors about this.
    • Renting furniture is very tricky when it comes to bed bugs. If you do rent furniture, see Bed Bug Tips When Renting Furniture, for the most bed bug free way to go about it. 
    • While cleaning up from the party, do a quick bed bug inspection for bed bugs or signs of bed bugs that may have been left as goodbye presents. 

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