Bed Bug Safety Tips When Buying Your First Bed

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Buying Your First Bed

    When you are in the market for a new bed, you will see first hand that it’s an expensive investment. Take the necessary step to protect the new bed, as well as your family!

    Tips when buying a bed:

    • Make sure that your mattresses, box spring & pillows are completely covered with anti-bed bug encasements. Our Bed Bug Home Protection Smart Buy is a great value.
    • This is especially important for second hand mattresses and box springs which must remain encased for 15 months to ensure that there are no living bed bugs or eggs inside.
    • Look for beds with metal headboards and bed frames (as opposed to wooden or cloth.) Why? Because bed bugs are less likely to live in metal head frames because it’s too slippery for them to crawl on.
    • While second hand mattresses and box springs can be salvaged, it is best to buy new mattresses and box springs that are less likely to be infested.
    • Even if you do buy a brand new bed, often times the delivery truck may be infested with bed bugs, since it usually carries off the old mattresses, so you should perform an inspection and encase just the same.
    • If you buy an antique or second-hand bed frame, make sure to inspect it thoroughly before bringing it into your home.
    • After you’ve ensured that your bed and bedding is bed bug proof, follow up with regular vacuuming and bed bug inspections of bed and other furniture.
    • When buying a bed for a child, encasement serves double duty, protecting against bio-fluids like bed wetting and food/drink spills.

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