Bed Bug Safety Tips When Buying a New Apartment

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Buying a New Apartment

    Moving to a new apartment can be very exciting. But, don’t spoil the experience by allowing bed bugs into the mix. Use these tips to make the move safely!

    Tips when moving into a new apartment:

    • Before signing any lease, ask the management about the bed bug history in your building and what on-going steps are taken to avoid the problem.
    • Visually inspect the apartment before you bring in furniture.
    • Check with neighbors and see if they have experienced any bed bug related problems. Let them know you are concerned and try to work together to keep them out. Communication is key!
    • If you are using a moving service, ask them what steps they take to keep their trucks bed bug free.
    • Carefully inspect your possessions as they come off the moving truck. If you see something suspicious, do not let it into your apartment until you are sure it’s been properly dealt with.
    • Make sure that your mattresses, box spring & pillows are completely covered with anti-bed bug encasements. Our Smart Buy for Home is a great value.

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