Bed Bug Safety Tips For Landlords

    Bed Bug Safety Tips For Landlords

    Rental properties - apartment complexes, dormitories, hospitals, in patient clinics, shelters, or assisted living facilities  - are a big investment. Protect them from bed bugs!

    If you manage your own rental properties, you can't afford to have down time. Make sure you and your tenants are working together to keep bed bugs out!

    Here are some essential tips and suggestions to keep your properties bedbug free.

    Bedbug tips for landlords:

    • For starters, encase (cover) every mattress and box spring to protect against bed bugs
    • Bed bug extermination can cost between $4K and $10k or even more, depending on the size of your facility, and the degree of infestation. Buy encasements in bulk and save tons of money of mattress replacement while keeping the bed bugs out at the same time.
    • Use metal headboards and closet hanging bars when ever possible
    • Educate your tenants about the threat of bed bugs. Tell them what they look like, how to spot them, and what to do if they turn up.
    • Keep halls and public areas free of clutter
    • Stay up to date on current bed bug reports – if they turn up in your area, take extra precautions such as having regular pest control inspections.
    • Contact your local health authorities to learn more about your legal obligations regarding bed bugs, and have a plan of action ready to go if bed bugs turn up.

    More bedbug tips to protect your home:

    When getting married & setting up a new home

    When buying your first bed

    When using a cleaning service

    When choosing a caterer

    When renovating or redecorating

    When buying an apartment/home

    When returning from a trip

    When renting an apartment/home

    When living in a multi-unit house

    When renting furniture (for home, office, or party)

    When renting storage

    When inviting guests

    Preparing for Bed Bug Exterminator Services