When Going Off to college

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Going Off to College

    There’s nothing as exciting as heading off to college for the first time. Dorm life is great! Parties, friends, school spirit. And, bed bugs. Yes, they are rampant on campuses everywhere. But, it’s a roommate you can avoid.

    Here are bed bug safety tips and suggestions:

    • Start off by packing a bed bug inspection kit, which should include a flashlight and a small vacuum for checks and cleanliness. Make sure the vacuum is not bagless, and that you dispose of the bag promptly!
    • Initial thorough inspection for bed bugs, brown or reddish spotting, eggs or shed bed bug skins – especially around mattress seams.
    • They can also hide behind headboards, wall hangings, floor boards & electrical outlets.
    • Encase your mattress and pillow! It also has anti-allergy benefits that you’ll love!
    • Protect your laundry with an anti-bed bug laundry bag.
    • Get bed risers for better storage and higher distance from the floor so bed bugs can’t climb up.
    • Perform routine visual follow up inspections.
    • Vacuum regularly with non-bag less vacuum
    • Minimize clutter
    • If you suspect bed bugs at any time, immediately inform your roommate and notify your campus housing administration.
    • For more great bed bug tips at college, visit our tip sheet for bed bug prevention when residing in a dormitory.

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