Bed Bug Safety Tips When Staying in a Hospital

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Staying in a Hospital

    A hospital stay is never a pleasant undertaking (delivering babies perhaps being the one exception!). So, why make it worse by having to deal with bed bugs? Yes, hospitals are not exempt from these awful insects. So, when you check into the hospital, make sure you check out without bed bugs!

    Important bedbug tips when staying in a hospital:

    • If a stay in the hospital was planned ahead of time, make sure to line your suitcase with an anti-bedbug luggage liner.
    • If the hospitalization was unforeseen, then either ask someone to bring it for you or wash your cloths in hot water on your return home (140 degrees Fahrenheit). However it is highly advisable to NOT bring the clothes into your home but rather to wash them outside.
    • Upon arriving at the hospital make sure you either bring your anti-bed bug mattress and pillow encasement with you or ask someone to bring it for you.
    • If you do not own a set, then being in the hospital is an excellent excuse to purchase them! (Not that an excuse is needed in this ever increasing epidemic)
    • Protecting yourself while in the hospital is imperative, the last thing you need during your recovery is to have to deal with a bed bug infestation that you picked up at the hospital
    • Travel safe, even if it’s only to the hospital.
    • Your toothbrush, pajamas and a change of clothes is equally as important as your anti-bedbug luggage liner, pillow and mattress encasement and of course your anti-bedbug laundry bag.

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