Bed Bug Safety Tips When Residing in a Dormitory

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Residing in a Dormitory

    There's nothing as fun as your college years. Dorm life is an experience you'll never forget. But, bed bugs are a huge problem on campuses all across the US. Don't get caught with your guard down! Here are some important tips to keep the bed bugs from biting.

    Bedbug tips in a dormitory:

    • Know what bed bugs and signs of bed bug infestations look like and do routine visual bed bug inspections frequently. 
    • See bed bug tips for going off to college for details on what to look for and how.
    • Get the Bed Bug Dorm Room Protection Smart Buy and encase your mattress and pillow. Use the anti-bedbug laundry bags, one for dirty laundry and one for clean laundry.
    • Keep your dorm room clutter free as long as possible, because the more bed bug hiding spaces you’ve got.
    • Closet organizers, over the door shoe rack, bed bug free laundry bag, closet organizers etc.
    • Bed risers to keep your bed farther from bed bugs.
    • Don’t put your bed directly against the wall.
    • More clean metal and glass, and less wood etc., so bed bugs can’t easily climb it.
    • Vacuum as often as possible, using a bagged vacuum.
    • If you find bed bugs or signs of bed bugs at any time, immediately notify campus housing, before the infestation has a chance to spread.

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