Bed Bug Safety Tips When Renting a Halloween Costume

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Renting a Halloween Costume

    Why should you worry about renting a Halloween costume? What danger could there possible be? The danger is bed bugs! Bed bugs are crafty, they hitch rides on clothing!

    Now Halloween is scary enough without the threat of a real live bloodsucker getting into the mix. So take a minute to find out how to rent that fantastic costume and avoid the scourge of bed bugs at the same time.

    Bedbug tips and suggestions:

    • If you plan on renting a costume, at bedbug.com, we always suggest looking online for reviews (when renting anything, really) especially second hand (or 3rd, or 4th, or 78th hand clothing). If someone got bedbugs from his costume, it’s likely he wanted to complain about it to the world, and that’s one of the great tings about the internet – you can.
    • The more crowded the costume store, the more likely bed bugs have moved from one costume to another. This is something to pay special attention to, especially if you live in a neighborhood where bed bugs are prevalent. Don’t leave the store without checking your chosen costume thoroughly for bed bugs and signs of bed bugs. Inside, outside, along the seams. No costume is worth bringing bed bugs home. Talk about a really scary Halloween costume.
    • To be extra safe, keep the costume away from your other clothing/bedding, and if possible, in a bedbug-free laundry bag while not in use.
    • See Bed Bug Tips When Buying Secondhand Clothing for more information.

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