Bed Bug Safety Tips When Using a Health Club Locker Room

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Using a Health Club Locker Room

    Staying fit and healthy is a smart idea. Using a health club or gym is certainly one way to reach your fitness goals.

    But, those locker rooms can be a killer. Bed bugs are everywhere these days, and you could be next on the list.

    Bed bugs love a hot, sweaty environment. Stay bed bug free while at the gym!Here are a few good tips to keep bed bugs away!

    Bedbug tips in the health club locker room:

    • Lucky for you, most lockers are made of metal and it’s nearly impossible for bed bugs to climb up metal, so if you keep your stuff in the locker at all times when not in use, you have a good chance at preventing bed bug infestations. This includes shoes and helmets.
    • When choosing a locker, choose one at the top, because the more climbing a bed bug has to do to reach your clothing and equipment, the less likely the bed bug will get into your stuff. 
    • Don’t keep your stuff on the floor, or on piles with other team members’ equipment on the floor or bench. You never know who’s brought bed bugs from their house.
    • Do not share a locker! You never know if your locker buddy has bed bugs. If possible, lock your locker when you’re not using it, for the same reason. Keep it clean. Bed bugs CAN climb up dirty metal, and the more clutter you have, the more places you leave for bed bugs to hide.
    • Bring your dirty clothing home in a bed bug proof laundry bag, where it should be washed in the highest temperature you’ve got, thus getting rid of not only dirt, but bed bugs as well.

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