Bed Bug Safety Tips When Shopping or Using a Communal Dressing Room

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Shopping or Using a Communal Dressing Room

    Shopping can be a great experience – new things to buy and wear plus the all-important try-on experience.

    Go into that dressing room, put on that new item, and check it out. But, make sure you are alone in this process!

    Bed bugs love to hang out in just such rooms. They hitch aride on shoes and clothing!

    Here are some solid tips on hoe to avoid the bed bug problem.

    Bedbug tips when shopping:

    • Shopping is a great activity, but beware! There are bed bugs out there!
    • Since its possible others have tried on clothing you are buying, check it thoroughly inside and out for signs of bed bugs. This is especially important for clothes with ruffles, creases, seams etc. 
    • Is the store very cluttered with piles of clothing or clothes on the floor? These conditions provide extra spaces for bed bugs to hide, so be cautious and check your clothing before purchasing.
    • The cleaner the store, the less likely it will have bed bugs.
    • If traveling home on public transportation keep clothing bags elevated, preferably in your hand or on top of metal, which bed bugs cannot easily climb on.
    • Check the clothing well before entering the house.
    • Washing new clothing as soon as you get home, using high temperatures. This ensures that any bed bugs that may have been laying in wait cannot survive.
    • If you do buy clothing with bed bugs on it, notify the store so they don't continue selling clothing that may have bed bugs.
    • Using a public dressing room? Try not to put your stuff down on non-metal and un-elevated surfaces. If you see a pile of clothes that aren’t yours, keep them separate from your own.

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