Bed Bug Safety Tips When Renting Your Tuxedo

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Renting Your Tuxedo

    You need to do it up right for that formal event – could be a banquet or even your wedding. Either way, looking sharp is the call.

    A good tuxedo rental pro can help you find just what you need. But be careful! Bed bugs are sneaky and smart, and can hide in a tux you just rented!

    Here are some suggestions on how to rent a tux and stay bedbug free!

    Bedbug tips when renting your tuxedo:

    • If it’s an option, buying a tuxedo new is better than renting one, because it doesn’t give you the chance of getting someone’s left over bed bugs.
    • At Bedbug.com, we always suggest looking online for reviews when renting anything, especially second hand (or 3rd, or 4th, or 78th hand) clothing. If someone got bedbugs from his tuxedo rental, it’s likely he wanted to complain about it to the world. 
    • The more crowded the rental store, the more likely bed bugs have moved from one tuxedo to another. This is something to pay special attention to, especially if you live in a neighborhood where bed bugs are prevalent. 
    • Don’t leave the store without checking your chosen tuxedo thoroughly for bed bugs and signs of bed bugs. Inside, outside, along the seams. 
    • To be extra safe, keep your rented tuxedo away from your other clothing and bedding. The zipper bag most tux rental places provide are NOT, repeat NOT bed bug proof. 
    • See BedBug Tips When Buying Secondhand Clothing for more tips.

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