Bed Bug Safety Tips When Renting Your Wedding Dress

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Renting Your Wedding Dress

    It’s your big day. Months of planning, and no small amount of effort brought you to your wedding day. Everything is perfect - except one thing – the wedding dress you rented brought some unexpected wedding guests – bed bugs! Don’t let this happen to you!

    If you are planning to rent your wedding dress, you will find a huge selection out there in all price ranges. But, beware of a hidden issue – bed bugs!

    That's right – bedbugs can ruin your big day. Bedbugs love to hide in clothing and to hitch a ride on shoes.

    Take a look at our suggestions to avoid bed bugs on your wedding day!

    Bedbug tips when renting your wedding dress:

    • If you have options for wedding dress rentals, choose a place with less clutter in order to decrease the chances that there is a bed bug infestation.
    • Wedding dresses hung on metal (as opposed to wood) racks are most likely to be bed bug free, as bed bugs cannot easily climb on metal.
    • Before trying on any wedding dresses, do a quick search in the seams, ruffles, and general fabric of the dress both inside and out.
    • Check your own clothing and skin before leaving any clothing rental store (including rental costumes) to ensure no bed bugs have gotten onto you. Even if you didn’t try anything on, its possible you brushed against some infested clothing.
    • Check the seams, ruffles, etc. of the wedding dress that you have chosen to rent carefully for bed bugs and/or signs of bed bugs before leaving with it. Then place it in a large zippered, and preferably bed bug proof bag to be taken home in.
    • If you do find bed bugs in your dress, you should immediately report this to the store that rented your dress so that they can get rid of their infestation.
    • Also, if bed bugs are found, or even if you’re just nervous that their may be some, dry cleaning with PERC should kill any bed bugs that may be lingering on your wedding dress

    More bedbug tips for protecting your clothing:

    When shopping (communal dressing room)

    When using a health club locker room

    When doing laundry

    When using a Laundromat

    When living with room mates

    When using a dry cleaner

    When renting your tuxedo

    When buying vintage clothing

    When buying secondhand clothing