Bed Bug Safety Tips When Living With Roommates

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Living With Roommates

    Roommates are great! Someone to talk to, hang out with, share meals, etc. But one thing you do not want to share your room with is bed bugs!

    It's become a huge problem these days. What can you do about it? Here are a few ideas to keep bed bugs away.

    Bedbug tips for living with roommates:

    • Keep your dorm room clean as long as possible, because the more clutter you have in the room, the more bed bug hiding spaces you’ve got.
    • Get yourself a Bed Bug Dorm Room Protection Smart Buy and suggest your roommate gets the same.
    • Keep your clothing separate from your roommates, and put all dirty clothes immediately in your bed bug free laundry bag.
    • Use organizers, preferably made of metal to keep your stuff separate and clutter free.
    • Vacuum whenever you can; both your side of the room and your roommates side of the room.
    • Routine visual bed bug inspections are helpful. If possible, split these tasks with your roommate. Once a month minimum. 
    • If you or your roommate, or even an adjacent room, finds bed bugs or signs of bed bugs at any time, immediately notify campus housing, before the infestation has a chance to spread.
    • If you’re still filling out the roommate form, check off the box for ‘neat’. Trust us on this one. 
    • See Bed Bug Tips When Going Off to College for more tips.

    More bedbug tips for protecting your clothing:

    When shopping (communal dressing room)

    When using a health club locker room

    When doing laundry

    When using a Laundromat

    When using a dry cleaner

    When renting your wedding dress

    When renting your tuxedo

    When buying vintage clothing

    When buying secondhand clothing