Bed Bug Safety Tips When Doing Laundry

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Doing Laundry

    Bed bugs love to hang out in the laundry basket and to hitch rides on clothing. In many cases, clothes are left on the floor and that's exactly where bed bugs tend to be hiding! Keep safe from bed bugs when doing laundry.

    Tips to avoid bed bugs when doing laundry:

    • Keep your clothes in sealed, bed bug proof laundry bags as long as possible – unzip laundry bag immediately before washing and zip it up in a clean one after washing.
    • Make sure to use two bed bug laundry bags – one before and one after washing.
    • Before you put your clothes into the machines do a quick check for bed bugs, bed bug eggs etc. Looking at the lint filter may also help.
    • Make sure to use the hottest cycle you’ve got. Ideally above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, because bed bugs can’t live in such extremes of temperature.
    • If you can’t wash your clothes at such high temperatures, leave them in the sun for a few days, or even the freezer.
    • Don’t forget to empty the lint tray from the dryer before and after and dispose of contents outside the laundry room.
    • Laundry rooms tend to be cluttered with clothing, but that give bed bugs more hiding spaces, so here’s a good reason to keep the area around your washer and dryer tidy!
    • Taking your clothes elsewhere to be cleaned? Be considerate and tell them that it may have bed bugs. You wouldn’t want to spread the infestation around the neighborhood.
    • Before putting your clothes back into your cupboard, do a quick search of the exterior to make sure no last minute hitchhikers got onto your clothes.
    • For more information, see Bed bug tips when using a Laundromat.

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