Bed Bug Safety Tips When Buying Second hand Clothing

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Buying Secondhand Clothing

    In a downturned economy, it’s a good idea to consider buying secondhand clothes for you and your family. But, be aware – bed bugs are out there and secondhand or thrift shops are a very susceptible place for just such a problem.

    Fear not! Here are some good tips to get you in and out unscathed and avoid bringing bedbugs home!

    Bedbug tips when buying secondhand clothing:

    • Second hand clothing can be a risky purchase, because you can bring home bed bugs that originated in someone else's house.
    • If you must have that second hand blouse, check it thoroughly inside and out for signs of bed bugs. This is especially important for clothes with ruffles, creases, seams etc. 
    • Is the store very cluttered with piles of clothing or clothes on the floor? These conditions provide extra spaces for bed bugs to hide, so be cautious and check your clothing before purchasing.
    • The cleaner the store, the less likely it will have bed bugs – but even clean stores can have them! Just be aware.
    • If traveling home on public transportation, keep clothing bags elevated, preferably in your hand or on top of metal, which bed bugs cannot easily climb on.
    • Check exterior and interior of clothing before entering the house.
    • Washing new clothing in high temperatures as soon as you get them home ensures that any bed bugs that may have been laying in wait cannot survive.
    • If you do buy clothing with bed bugs on it, wash it immediately using the hottest setting you have, and don’t forget to notify the store so they can be aware of it and deal with their bed bug problem.

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