Bed Bug Safety Tips Using a Dry Cleaner

    Bed Bug Safety Tips Using a Dry Cleaner

    When it's time to take those high quality garments to the dry cleaners, you want them done right. A nice crease, stains gone, and that certain dry cleaned scent is always nice, too. But one thing you do not want is bed bugs.

    Since bedbugs love to hang out in the laundry basket and to hitch rides on clothing, a visit to the dry cleaners is a typical way to pick up bed bugs! So check out our tips on how to avoid bed bugs.

    Bedbug tips when using a dry cleaner:

    • Sending clothes to the dry cleaner can get rid of bed bugs, but for less delicate clothing, a very hot wash should also do the trick.
    • Remember to be courteous and let the dry cleaners know that you’ve got bed bugs, and to keep your clothing away from the clothes of others until it has been cleaned. No need to spread the infestation around the neighborhood.
    • Tell them to use the hottest cleaner they’ve got to ensure bed bugs don’t survive the cleaning process. However, any standard dry cleaning method should do the trick.
    • Keep your newly dry cleaned clothes in fully zipped and sealed bed bug proof laundry bags until ready to wear. 
    • If you do not wish to go to a dry cleaner because you are embarrassed to tell them or because they refuse your clothing, you may put infested clothing in a pre-heated dryer for up to 20 minutes. 
    • Wash the other clothes and bedding in your house at the same time so that there are no remaining bed bugs that can get onto your newly dry cleaned clothing.
    • Keep washed clothing zipped up tight to prevent the reentry of bed bugs. Re-Inspect all clothes immediately before re-entering the house. No bed bugs can survive a laundry iron, so ironing your clothes is also a good option.
    • To prevent bed bugs in your clothing in the future, it’s a good idea to use bed bug proof laundry bags.
    • For more information, see Bed Bug Tips for Doing Laundry.

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