Bed Bug Safety Tips When Using Public Transportation (Taxi, Train or Bus)

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Using Public Transportation (Taxi, Train or Bus)

    Using public transportation is good for the economy and good for the environment, too. However, since bedbugs love hiding in clothing and luggage, and considering the fact that many different people use public transportation and take their bags and belongings with them, it’s easy to see how bed bugs can be spread in this way.

    Make sure you ride safely and bedbug free by considering these bedbug tips.

    Bedbug tips in cars, taxis and on busses:

    • When getting a taxi, it is best to order from a taxi company you recognize as being clean, lessening the probability for bed bugs to collect in the cabs
    • Look for signs of bed bugs or a bed bug infestation, especially fecal stains
    • Keep bags on your lap if at all possible and avoid using the trunk or storage compartments
    • Use the garment hanger rather than putting clothing on the seats if possible
    • Ultimately, you can never be sure that the person who was in the cab before you didn’t leave bed bugs behind, so it is important to check your clothing and skin for bed bugs immediately after exiting
    • If you travel a lot daily, you should purchase bedbug proof luggage liners
    • Just in case you still miss any bed bugs that may have hitched a ride home with you, it is a good idea to have a bedbug proof laundry bag to put your clothing in

    More tips to protect against bedbugs while traveling:

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