Bed Bug Safety Tips When Traveling

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Traveling

    Who doesn’t love a good vacation? You work hard, and need a break. So make the most of it, and be sure you avoid bringing home any unwanted castaways – like bed bugs. 

    Here are some valuable tips to ensure "bed bug proof" travel!

    Bed bug tips before choosing a location:

    Bed bug tips before leaving your house:

    • Pack using a top quality luggage liner for easier bed bug identification.
    • Pack everything in bed bug free luggage liners.
    • Pack a small flashlight to be better able to search for indications of bed bugs.
    • Pack an anti-bedbug laundry bag and keep your clothes from exposure to the floor.
    • Pack a bed bug proof travel pillow & cover in your carry on.

    Bed bug tips when arriving at destination:

    • Here’s where your flashlight comes in handy! Inspect all the nooks and crannies of your hotel room, especially around mattresses, box springs, upholstered chairs, drawers, headboards, carpets, closets, and wall hangings. Indications of bed bug infestations include dark fecal spots, dried blood spots, molted bed bug shells, eggs, and of course bed bugs – dead or alive.
    • Pull the sheets off the mattresses and inspect all edges and folds in both the mattress and the box spring.
    • See Tips when going to a hotel.

    Bed bug tips while on vacation:

    • Don’t leave your suitcase on the floor or chairs.
    • Don’t leave your shoes on the floor. Keep them inside your luggage liners when not in use.
    • Only take the clothes out that you will be wearing and close luggage liner immediately afterwards. They work well as a drawer liner, as well.
    • Put all dirty clothes in bed bug proof laundry bags.

    Bed bug tips when back at home:

    • Before checking out, recheck the outside of your luggage, laundry bag, clothes and shoes for hitchhiking bed bugs.
    • If you find bed bugs on your suitcase or clothes, leave them there. That’s right, it’s far cheaper to buy yourself a new suitcase and outfit than it is to pay for a bed bug extermination.
    • Unpack your bags outdoors if possible.
    • Vacuum the inside and outside of your luggage as well as the outside of your bed bug free luggage liner and laundry bag before entering the house. Do not use a bag less vacuum for this, as you will only transfer the problem.
    • Wash & dry your clothing (and if possible luggage) in extreme heat. Over 140 degrees Fahrenheit to be safe.
    • If you can’t wash your clothing at such heats, you should have it dry cleaned. If you have a bed bug problem, please let your drycleaner know about it before they handle your clothes.
    • If dry cleaning is still too expensive for you, you can leave your clothes out in the extreme heat (again over 140 degrees) or cold (below 32 degrees) for a few days. Bed bugs cannot live in such extreme temperatures.

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