Bed Bug Safety Tips When renting a recreational vehicle (RV, Camper)

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When renting a recreational vehicle (RV, Camper)

    If you are planning on hitting the open roads with a recreational vehicle (RV) or camper rental, make sure you only bring the guests you intended.

    Who rented the RV last? Did they leave behind bed bugs? Bed bugs are certainly an unwelcome trip spoiler, so take steps to make sure these bloodsuckers don't wreak havoc on your big trip!

    Bedbug tips when renting a recreational vehicle:

    • Check online reviews for RV rentals as well as RV parks or camp sights. 
    • Pack all belongings in anti bed bug luggage liners.
    • Pack hydrocortisone cream, just in case bed bug bites show up unexpectedly.
    • Before driving away with your newly rented RV, do a thorough inspection for bed bugs, bed bug eggs, shedded skins and most notably; bed bug fecal stains.
    • Top places to look for signs of bed bugs include at the edges of mattresses, around the beds, around baseboards, at the edges of the carpet etc.
    • Don’t forget to check the driving cabin as well – such as at the seams of the seats. 
    • Remember, even the most luxurious RV could have bed bugs hiding away.
    • Park your RV as far as possible from any neighboring RV to prevent bed bugs from crawling over.
    • Keep your belongings inside your RV with the door closed as often as possible.
    • Used clothes? Chuck them all in bed bug free laundry bags to be washed when you return home or at the next Laundromat. 
    • Bring pillow encasements from home so bed bugs can’t get into your pillows.
    • Encase mattresses against bed bugs, especially for extended RV rentals. 
    • If bed bugs are found, notify the RV rental company. 

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