Bed Bug Safety Tips When Honeymooning

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Honeymooning

    Your honeymoon is one of the most important and special events of your life. It can literally set the tone for your new life together as mates.

    Don’t let bed bugs spoil it! Be wise, and take some simple precautions, and let romance win the day!

    Tips to avoid bedbugs whe honeymooning:

    • Once you decide on your destination, do a little research on any recent bed bug infestation reports for that location. A good web site for this isbedbugregistry.com.
    • Bed bugs are spread most commonly through traveling. Take precautions before you leave! Use anti-bedbug luggage liners for both checked and carry-on bags, as well as travel pillows with anti-bed bug covers, and last but not least, take a couple of anti-bedbug laundry bags.
    • Once you reach your destination, take time to inspect properly for any sign of bed bug infestation. Tell tale signs include reddish brown spots or streaks on the bedding, bed bug eggs (they’re pearly white and tubular – about he size of a small grain of rice), previously shed bed bug skins, and of course live bed bugs – about the size of an apple seed.
    • If you see any of these indicators, call the management immediately, and have your room changed. Make sure you do not carry the infestation with you. Check the outside of your luggage, your shoes – anything that came in contact with the floor or bedding.

    More tips to protect against bedbugs while traveling:

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