Bed Bug Safety Tips When Camping

    Bed Bug Safety Tips When Camping

    Nothing like the great outdoors! Wide open blue skies, views, vistas and … bed bugs. Yep. You may want to avoid these blood suckers while out there camping. 

    Here are a few helpful tips to keep them home on the range, and you safe at home.

    Tips to avoid bedbugs when camping:

    • Know what a bed bug and bed bug bite looks like, and be familiar with the signs of a bed bug infestation.
    • Pack 1% hydrocortisone cream to provide relief in case you are bitten.
    • Water proof your tent, and kept it sealed whenever possible.
    • Use bed bug proof laundry bags and luggage liners and keep them sealed whenever possible.
    • Leave your shoes in bed bug proof laundry bags when not in use.
    • Before entering your sleeping bag, check your clothes and body for hitchhiking bed bugs.
    • Kill visible eggs with rubbing alcohol.

    More tips to protect against bedbugs while traveling:

    When going to a hotel

    When honeymooning

    When renting a recreational vehicle (RV,camper)

    When flying

    When traveling

    When renting a car

    When taking a cruise

    When using public transportation (taxi, train or bus)