Sleep Hygiene

    It’s a known fact that human beings spend about 1/3 of their lives in bed. So, it would stand to reason that folks would want the place where they spend such significant amounts of time to be a healthy environment, no? Of course they would. Doesn’t always happen, though.

    All manner of contaminants and pollutants can and do enter the sleep environment. Number one among them are dust mites. These are microscopic bugs that, by themselves are essentially harmless. But their fecal matter and the broken up and decaying body parts that they shed are the most common cause for allergies in humans, and are almost certainly residing in your pillow and mattress. Yes, every time you move a bit, big billowing clouds of this nasty debris come right out in the open, and most likely, right into your respiratory system. Not a pretty picture. Certainly not a healthy one.

    Furthermore, the average human typically sweats about 1.5 liters a month while sleeping. Ask yourself – where does that go? The answer – right through your sheets and into your mattress. Add this to the dust mites, their feces and all the other debris that may settle there, and you’ve got yourself a pretty frightening soup brewing, literally right under your nose.

    But, don’t despair. There is a simple and effective remedy for this – encasement. That’s right. Bedbug.com’s well designed SecureSleep™ mattress and pillow encasement products keep all this mess out of your new mattress, or lock it into the old one, putting a barrier between you, your respiratory system, and that gunk we just so pleasantly described to you. So, what are you waiting for? Go get those covers and put them on your beds and pillows – for the whole family.