Let the Pros Kill Bed Bugs

    Ok, so nobody really wants a bed bug pet, right? Of course not! They are horrible, blood sucking parasites, and once you have them, we promise you, nothing else will matter to you except getting rid of them. So, the question is, can you kill them? Yes, you can - but, not effectively enough to make a difference. You can spray, but they’ll survive mostly. You can dust, bomb and swat…all with the same end result. These pests are tough. Don’t take it too hard, though. After all, these guys have evolution on their side. Over millennia, they have become very adept at survival.

    So, what should you do? Well, that’s a two-part answer. First and foremost, immediately call in the pros. A licensed, experienced pest control professional with bed bug experience is what you need. They will have the right combination of pesticides and strategies to deal with it effectively. A method called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is what you want to ask for when calling around for help. This is a method in which you, the afflicted home owner can actively participate in the overall solution put forward by the pro. It’s a combination of pesticides and other methods of getting rid of the bed bugs, and keeping them gone. A good thing.

    The other thing you can do, both before an infestation as a preventative, and if necessary, after one, is to encase your bedding. Bedbug.com makes top quality anti-bed bug mattress, box spring and pillow covers. They’re effective, durable and comfortable. Oh, sure, there are some cheaper versions sold at your local department store. Go ahead and buy those if you want to keep buying them as they wear out in a month or two. Plus, the noise is interesting. If you can sleep well to the feel and sound of crunchy vinyl, those are the covers you want. But again, if you want covers that work, and last, and are quiet and comfortable, it’s a no brainer - SecureSleep™ brand from bedbug.com. They’re the only ones endorsed by The American Sleep Association. Also a good thing.