2010 - The Year of the Bed Bug

    Fall is upon us and the New Year is around the corner. Our children are going back to school. We will soon be enjoying some of our favorite holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanza and Hanukkah are all times of year we enjoy spending with family and friends, inviting others into our homes and traveling to other cities to see loved ones. While this time of year can be exciting, it may bring about physical and mental suffering and expenses that you don’t need. Bed bugs are everywhere. This year could be the year that you get hit. 

    When your child goes to school his or her coat hangs next to those of friends. Hats are shared and naptime is spent on the communal class carpet. Elementary school means sleep over birthday parties. High school students share rides in cars. And while children study and play together, you may be flying to London for a meeting and your shirt happens to fall on the hotel room floor, picking up a few of the sticky insect eggs and bringing them back in your luggage. You might be checking a book out of the library or simply working at your desk. Your babysitter might take a nap on the couch. Any of these activities could bring bed bugs into your home or send them to someone else’s. 

    All it takes is a few females who can lay up to five eggs a day to begin an infestation. It happens startlingly fast. Statistics from the UK show a three-fold increase of bed bug infestation in the last decade. That’s just six hours to New York City by plane. An expert for the mayor’s advisory board in New York City has been reported in one of the city’s daily newspapers as saying that bed bugs are spreading at an alarming rate. Recent victims of bed bug invasion include John Jay College in New York City,, in which entire buildings have been shut down, the Denver Public Library, which suffered re-infestation due to bed bugs carried via books from a home to the library, Boston University, which has seen its students under threat from the blood suckers, and hotels, homes and apartment buildings across North America. Vancouver, which will soon be hosting the 2010 Olympics, has seen a doubling in reported cases for each year between 2003 and 2008. All those people on all those planes with that entire luggage will make the post-Olympic travel season ripe indeed for bed bug transfer. 

    Any home, even one that is cleaned daily, can suffer bed bug infestation. After a home has been purged of the blood sucking insects, at great cost to its owner, it can be attacked again. Prevention and treatment are two of the affordable keys to keeping you and your loved ones from becoming bed bugs’ food while you sleep. With the current explosion of bed bug infestation, Bedbug.com provides you with the means to protect yourself and your family – means that are inexpensive and may end up saving you a bundle. 

    For home use, it’s a simple matter of covering your bedding with effective, tested and affordable encasement products. Bedbug.com has just such products. If you’re traveling for the holidays or for business, take along your own Bedbug.com Smart Buy for Travel - it‘s a value pack that includes two luggage liners, a travel pillow and encasement and a laundry bag. The last thing you want is to bring bed bugs home in your hair. These well designed items help you be proactive in stopping their spread. Remember that shirt on the hotel room floor? With the Bedbug.com travel laundry bag you avoid the situation. 

    And the Bedbug.com luggage liner keeps the critters from sneaking in and then stepping out once you’re back home. It’s pretty straight forward, though. You don’t have to suffer bed bug bites. Your children don’t have to wake up with big, itchy red welts marks and the embarrassment that comes with them. The Bedbug.com home pillowcase, box spring encasement and mattress encasement all protect you with Zip Tech™ micro-zipper technology that prevents the spread of bed bugs where you sleep. Your co-ed college student doesn’t need the hassle of bites either. Send off a care package that will last. 

    Specifically for the dorm room, Bedbug.com offers those oh-so-important bed bug – safe laundry bags for college, as well as SecureSleep™ quality mattress and pillow covers. Bedbug.com’ s products are effective at preventing dust mites, allergy triggers, and bio-fluids so you can protect your family from bed bugs, while at the same time making sure you’re not exposing them to unnecessary allergic reactions. Now that’s a real benefit you can sleep on! The global bed bug epidemicis real. Business travelers fly from city to city, and so do the bugs. As they spread, you and your family are increasingly at risk. Be preventative. Be safe. Be money smart. This year may very well be the year of the bed bug. It doesn’t have to be for you.