Tips to Avoid Bed Bug

    With the rapid rise in bed bug infestations, bed time is now fraught with anxious thoughts. People even suffer sleep-loss and anxiety long after the bed bug infestation has been dealt with.

    In 2012, a good night's rest can no longer be taken for granted!

    Things you should know when you want to avoid bed bugs:

      Bed bug infestation in a mattress
    1. Take a look at this photo and see what a bed bug infestation looks like. See the brown bugs that look like apple seeds? Those are the bed bugs. They hide in the mattress seams and lay their eggs there
    2. Bed bugs feed on human blood and they need food in order to mate. They are prolific and a female can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime. So moving from a few bed bugs to a bed bug infestation can happen very quickly!
    3. Did you know that over 80% of bedbug infestations are found in the mattress or box spring? So save yourself a lot of trouble and protect your bedding with quality encasement products!
    4. Bed bug love to hitch a ride on your clothing, so protect clothing and luggageagainst bedbugs when you travel

    Learn more about protecting your family at home and away 

    Protect your family from bedbugs. Encasement products from
    Protect your family from bedbugs
    Protect your home from bedbugs. Encasement products from
    Protect your home from bedbugs
    Protect your clothes from bedbugs. Encasement products from
    Protect your clothing from bedbugs
    Protect against bedbugs while you travel. Encasement products from
    Protect against bedbugs while traveling