International Bed Bugs

    New York. London. Toronto. Los Angeles.

    Top business cities? Hot vacation spots? Definitely – but they are also the sites of recent, major bed bug infestations. Experts state that there is currently an explosion of bedbug populations that defies explanation, and no common factor underlies the infected sites. Dirty dorm rooms have them, but so do five star hotels. In fact, little is known about what is causing the outbreak. Bedbugs are highly mobile creatures. They infest the clothing and luggage of travelers, a factor that has led to their renewed invasion of major business and vacation destinations. Moreover, they have moved from hotels to homes simply by going along for the ride.

    The health effects of a bedbug invasion vary between individuals, and can be quite unpleasant. A bedbug bite can cause swelling and redness accompanied by severe skin irritation that lasts for days. Additional effects include loss of sleep, as well as anxiety caused by the taunting knowledge of their presence. In some cases, iron deficiency, anaphylaxis, and asthma have been blamed on bedbugs. Bedbugs also leave noticeable excrement on bed sheets and exude a pungent odor, which adds to the situation.
    The easiest way for a traveler to avoid bed bug infestation is to prevent contact with the bedding and clothing that have been in an infected sleeping area. SecureSleepTM mattress encasements, box spring encasements, and pillow cases ensure that bed bugs cannot bite or become attached to the traveler.SecureSleep™ laundry bags and SecureSleep™ luggage liners also provide an essential defense against bedbugs that have migrated beyond the bed. When one considers the high cost of extermination and physical discomfort resulting from a bedbug attack, Bug free sleep is the only way to go.