Bed Bug Phobia? You’re Not Alone!

    Have you ever gotten that itchy feeling that you may not be alone in your bed? That there may be not one or two, but hundreds of bed bugs waiting anxiously to suck your blood! It sounds like a horror movie, with bed bugs bites leaving you red, swollen and horribly itchy – plus there’s the added benefit of discovering tiny spots of digested blood strewn across your favorite clothing and bedding. Unfortunately, this reality is becoming incredibly prevalent across the United States, with even luxurious hotels unable to avoid the scourge that is the bed bugs’ surreptitious and rapid infestation. 

    Bed bugs seem to be an inescapable reality, and with the inability to get rid of bed bugs easily, stress and anxiety levels are sure to rise. Not to mention the constant reminder of those swollen, itchy, red bed bug bites all over your body. Some reported bed bug cases had victims bitten over 500 times – in one night! Bed bug infestations and the ensuing attempts at eradication are often accompanied by swarms of questions: Why can’t I stop itching? Can I ever get rid of all of them? Even if I do, will they come right back? What about the bed bugs in the apartment next door? Do I have to move out? How can I afford all this? Now you may be asking: What can I do to eliminate this bed bug anxiety? 

    To answer this question we must consider two aspects: [1] addressing the psychological anxiety affiliated with bed bug infestations, and [2] the prevention and extermination of bed bug infestations. People who are biologically and/or socially prone to anxiety and depression in the first place are even more likely to be psychologically affected when exposed to an unwanted, unexpected bed bug infestation - especially when these pests are engorged with their blood. A true bed bug phobia often arises from a negative experience in the past, but can also come from a freshly diagnosed case of bed bugs. And with good reason. They can truly be a nightmare. 

    So, what to do? This phobia should be addressed as a psychological problem if and when it begins to have a significantly detrimental impact on your life: Are you afraid to enter your home? Do you hyperventilate when you see a bed bug or bed bugs bites on your arm? Are you unable to sleep through the night? While feelings of panic, depression, extreme anxiety or despair should be discussed further with a healthcare provider; it is a relief to know that with the proper measures, bed bugs can be eliminated safely and successfully! Research has repetitively promulgated the idea that bed bug infestation is on the rise due to the increasing frequency of world travel. 

    That is why Bedbug.com has invented luggage liners with security closures that are impermeable to stop the penetration of bed bugs in your luggage. You know what they say – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In other words, when you escape from a bed bug infestation (whether in your home, hotel or dorm), don’t leave yourself open to another round of this pest. The importance of the prevention in bed bug infestations cannot be underestimated, with bed bug pesticide treatments being quite costly (up to several thousand dollars!), invasive, toxic, and sometimes even ineffective; only furthering the anxiety associated with these pesky creatures. Another step toward bed bug liberation is being proactive in the fight. Performing routine inspections allows you to take a measure of control over the situation and spot problems before they get out of control. 

    Bed bugs hide in headboards, mattress frames, bed skirts, clothing, etc. Small blood stains or shed skin in these locations are often indicators of infestation. If bed bugs are found, everything in the room must be treated, and most pest control companies also treat adjacent rooms. Again, Bedbug.com is there for you and your bedding! You can purchase a package for home protection which includes everything you need to protect that expensive bedding investment. More and more residences, work places and housing facilities are being faced with bed bug infestations; following which, tenants are instructed to strip the beds and launder all sheets, pillowcases, mattress pads and blankets, empty all bedroom closets of all contents, place all laundry in Bedbug.com laundry bags and vacuum all infested rooms. Besides the floor, tenants must also vacuum mattresses, bedsprings, couches, chairs, closets, closet shelves, shoes, inside dresser drawers, bedside table drawers, and remove all cheesecloth from the underside of box springs and furniture. 

    Failure to do so effectively can lead to the bed bug gaining a foothold in your living space. Talk about a hardship! For any person, this is a truly daunting task, but for an individual at risk for depression and/or anxiety, such efforts can cause serious psychiatric and/or other health issues. So, the pressing question is “have you got bed bugs?” Get help. Don’t be ashamed to see a health care professional if you fear that a bed bug infestation is taking a significant toll on your emotional well being. Enlist a pest control professional to assess and treat your home. 

    And for everyone else, stay sane by taking a bite out of the problem before it takes a bite out of you! Be prepared for bed bugs by encasing your mattresses, bedding,luggage and laundry with top quality and effective anti-bed bug products from Bedbug.com.