Bed Bug Dos and Don'ts

    What To Do and What Not To Do About Bedbugs

    First you need to know what a bedbug looks like and how to recognize a bed bug infestation.

    To recognize a bed bug or a bed bug infestation, see Bed Bug Life Cycle and Bed Bug Infestation in the Bed Bug Picture Gallery.

    Next, inspect your home for bed bugs.

    Things You SHOULD NOT Do if You Have Bed Bugs

    No need to panic. Be calm and act responsibly – your family is depending on you to keep a cool head! There is no reason to throw out your expensive bed bug infested mattress and box spring.

    SecureSleep™ encasement products will allow you to retain them and protect you and your family from bed bugs in these items not to mention all the additional benefits like dust mite, allergen and bio-fluid protection)! 

    Don't re-locate to the sofa or move items in the home! If you have bed bugs, this will only serve to spread them into other areas.

    Things You SHOULD Do if You Have Bed Bugs

    Call a bed bug experienced Pest Management Professional IMMEDIATELY. Do not try and treat this problem yourself. Follow their instructions. This will take a team effort to solve. 

    Be proactive! Reducing clutter is a key component in eradicating this pest. When instructed by your Pest Management Professional, place all your clothing and linens from the infested areas in laundry bags from Bedbug.com, and follow their instructions for washing in hot water and drying using high heat. 

    DO NOT replace the items in the infected areas until instructed to do so by your Pest Management Professional who has given you clear instructions on how this should be done. 

    Immediately after bedbug eradication, protect your bedding with SecureSleep™ protection and encasement products from Bedbug.com. Encasements are an important component in protecting your property,  and helping to eliminate the added expense of replacing expensive mattresses and box springs.

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