Bed Bug Bites

    Bed Bug Bites

    Bed bugs have been discovered to harbor 28 different human pathogens, but fortunately, the transmission of these diseases to people has not been demonstrated.

      Bed bug bites on arm

    Bed bug bite marks on body

    Some people are allergic to the salivary gland injection made by a bed bug and thus show “mosquito” like welts on their body where the insect has fed.

    No visible bite marks on body

    Not everyone is allergic to the bed bug salivary gland excretion, therefore, one person may show signs while a partner sleeping in the same bed at the same time shows no signs on their body, when in fact the bug has fed on them too.

    Do bed bug bites itch?

      Bed bug bites on face

    Bed bug bites are red raised bumps that are very itchy. Bed bug bites look and feel very similar to mosquito bites.

    How can I distinguish bed bug bites from mosquito bites?

    Bed bug bites have a distinctive pattern of 3 lines. These lines are sometimes called “breakfast, lunch, and dinner” since the bed bug feeds off human blood making you his “breakfast, lunch, and dinner”!

    Bed bug bites on arm     Bed bug bites in 3 line pattern

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