Clean Sleep Environment

    The causes of allergies are vast and include dust mites, pets and mold. However, the most important thing you can learn about allergies is how to minimize your exposure.


    Minimize exposure to molds,
    protect your bedding!


    To minimize exposure allergy triggers you must pay special attention to the most important area of exposure - your bed.

    Experts say that you spend fully one third of your life in bed, and your airways are right up against some potentially toxic levels of allergens. Your pillow and mattress are essentially repositories for most of the allergens discussed above – dust mites plus a variety of other potential airborne molds.

    All of these substances are then augmented by bio-fluids. Sweat, urine and other biological fluids can make their way deep into your mattress and pillow over time. For example, the average human exudes 1.5 liters of perspiration each month while sleeping. Those fluids go straight through the bed sheet and directly into the mattress. Then, these liquids mix with all the dust mites and their by-products (including feces), creating a veritable buffet of molds. Then, these molds re-emerge as spores through the mattress and pillow, and right into your respiratory system.

    This is potentially a very dangerous process for allergy sufferers. So, in order to reduce the threat, experts strongly suggest using a high quality mattress and pillow encasement product.

    For existing or older mattresses and pillows, encasement will keep the dust mites and other allergens locked in to the mattress and unable to reach your airway, while preventing new additions from entering.

    If you purchase a new mattress, they will prevent these allergens from getting inside in the first place, giving you the added benefit of extending the life of your expensive mattress. Simply wipe the surfaces down with a damp cloth whenever you change your linens.

    The American Sleep Association, the leading sleep health organization, exclusively recommends SecureSleep™ bedding encasement products as the most effective choice for anti-allergen and anti bed bug protection, and they are available online from www.Bedbug.com.

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