Animal Allergies and Allergy Triggers

    Animal Allergies include allergies to animal dander, animal hair, saliva and urine. These are all a common problem for those keeping household pets.


    Pet dander is a common source of allergy triggers.

    Decrease exposure to allergy triggers,
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    Pets that typically cause allergies include dogs, cats and birds. There are also allergies to other pets, such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats, mice and horses, and these are now becoming more common.

    An allergy to a reptile or amphibian is also possible, but much less common since these animals do not produce any significant amounts of airborne dander.

    Pets that live indoors usually cause the biggest problems, because the hair and dander is present in large amounts in the air, in the carpeting and on furniture. Even pets that are isolated to one area of the house can still cause serious problems for those who suffer from allergic rhinitis, since the dander is typically airborne and can thus move to any part of the home by way of the air conditioning or other ventilation systems.

    The best way to avoid a pet allergy is removing the animal from the house entirely. However, many people are very attached to their pets and are not willing to do this. So, here are some alternatives that are recommended to reduce allergen present in the home:

    • Do not allow the pet into the bedroom, and try and keep the animal off of the furniture
    • Try and keep the pet outdoors as much as possible
    • If possible, get someone else to bathe the pet at least once per week, especially if the animal is large (dogs and cats). Check with a veterinarian to see if this will adversely affect the pet’s health. There are also pet shampoos available that will reduce dander
    • Remove carpeting from bedrooms as well as other common areas of the home, if possible
    • Vacuum carpet and floors at least twice weekly, and make sure the vacuum cleaner employs a HEPA filter
    • Encase your mattress, box spring and pillows with anti-allergy encasements from Bedbug.com
    • Consider purchasing a free standing HEPA filtration system for the bedroom
    • If you do end up removing the pet from the home, steam clean all carpeting and upholstered furniture, and make sure to have the curtains and bedding cleaned. Animal hair and dander can hang around for months after the pet is gone, and still trigger allergic rhinitis

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