Your Mattress Isn't The Only Thing That Needs Protecting

    If you know anything at all about bed bugs, you’ve probably heard all about how you need to protect your mattress. But did you know that’s simply not enough? While mattress covers do help with an infestation, it’s equally important that you protect your box spring as well.

    It’s common knowledge that bed bugs like to hide in clothing and linens, but did you know they also thrive inside furniture, too? Bed bugs are very mobile, and chances are they’re not focused on one single part of your bed. Whether you’re fighting a current infestation or you’re simply preventing one, protecting your mattress alone won’t do the trick. You also need to look at covering your box spring with an encasement.

    When shopping around, look for an encasement that doesn’t just cover the top of the box spring and leaves the rest exposed – you really want to make sure the little intruders cannot get in or out. Your bedding is an important investment, and you don’t want to have to replace everything simply because you cut some corners. Another thing to make sure is that the cover you’re looking at has no pesticides. The most important thing here is the health of you and your family – you don’t want to eliminate one source of danger, only to bring in another.

    It’s important to remember that your bed isn’t one single unit. When looking at bed bug protection, the only way to go is to encase all the different parts of your bed in materials that will not allow bed bug transit. A mattress cover is the most common example, but don’t forget that there are special covers for your box spring and your pillows, as well. Don’t turn the bed bugs away from your mattress and redirect them to your box spring!

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