Yales Bedbug Exhibit - 'Invasion of Bloodsuckers: Bed Bugs and Beyond'

    Bed bug infestations have been growing across the US and across the globe, and with it so have questions and fascination with bed bugs.

    picture of bed bug sucking blood from hostOpening January 8, 2011, this new exhibit at Yale's Peabody center explores the life, evolution and medical significance of bedbugs, and other vampiric arthropods. The exhibit will include giant models of bed bugs and even footage of bed bug blood feedings (for those with strong stomachs).

    This exhibit hopes to make these insects more approachable and teach people how to prevent bed bugs as well as how to deal with bites from different insects.

    For more information about bed bug information and prevention, visit us at www.bedbug.com.

    To read more about this exhibit, including times ane pricing, visit: http://www.ctpost.com/news/article/Creepy-crawlies-invade-Yale-Peabody-in-new-insect-1444462.php#ixzz1QgQ37cwI

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