Why should you control bed bugs?

    Then question about how, when, why should we control these blood sucking bugs? It should be a topic of discussion but, it should be taken with the importance it deserves; not by only health officers but by everyone. This is because bed bugs do not choose whom to and not to attack but they can attack everyone instead. So it is you and me to take up the initiative and make sure we control bedbugs.

    Loosing blood through these sucking bugs is something that has to be controlled to prevent victims from anemia. These bugs suck any time they have a chance. One other reason why we should control bed bugs is to prevent spreading them from one place to another.  That is why some cities or places have been infested with these bugs because; those who had been infested by them never took accurate measures to control them.

    The smell that is produced by the demotion or that comes from the breeding areas of these bugs is something that you will never have to smell. It is foul plus the look of the black spots on bed sheets and on furniture is so lousy. The thing is that you have to keep your bedding and furniture clean. If you do not control them, then you have to deal with all these (black spots on beddings, furniture, smell etc).

    Bed bugs are to be controlled because they are nuisance and boring. It’s like you are rearing a stranger who is out to feast from you. There are several ways in which you can do all these but the fact remains, you have to prevent and control bed bugs.

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