Why bed bugs have Infested Cities in U.S

    Bed bug infestation is a menace which is haunting many cities in the U.S. Health officers are trying to come up with ways on how they can control this. But to some extent, it seems that they are unable. But how comes U.S cities like Indianapolis, New York, Cleveland, Miami, Houston just to mention but a few have been listed to have worst bedbugs? Are these areas prone to be infested with bugs or how bugs were found in these areas?

    It is most likely that these bugs were brought here by summer travelers who come from areas where there are bugs. But again, how did they carry these bedbugs? Bedbugs can even hide beneath the collar of your shirt. Since they are tiny, you might not be able to spot them especially if the color of your shirt resembles them.  Alternatively, these bugs are carried from one city to the other through buses. Since bed bugs’ hidden dark places, they may find perfect breeding areas which are between seats joints in buses.

    Lack of proper way to control these menace is also contributing to these bugs to continue disturbing many Americans. Though they don’t cause diseases, the agony that they cause to the victims is unbearable. The bites from bed bugs- if they prolong without control can lead to one suffer from anemic conditions. You cannot deny that you can’t be infested by bedbugs because they are capable of being carried from one point to another without your knowledge. That is why U.S cities have been infested with the menace of bedbugs.

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