Why bed bugs are a big Menace in some U.S cities

    Someone might be thinking how bedbugs can be a menace, though they are small parasitic insects? It is a question to those who have never seen or never been infested by these sucking bugs. Bedbugs are a big menace in some U.S cities like New York, Miami and Albany just to mention but a few. The question why bedbugs are a menace in U.S cities is because of the following:

    Lack of appropriate measure to eradicate these bugs gives them a chance to multiply. There are measures for both home owners and pest control professionals who can undertake and control all these. Many people are not aware of the hiding place and breeding ground of these bugs and that is why they still rule some of these cities.

    Lack of awareness on how these bedbugs spread from one city to another also contributes to bedbugs’ outbreak. This has been necessitated because bedbugs can survive in any area even in buses, trains and when people move from one city to another, they also carry these bugs to where they go. As Individuals also play a role in carrying these bugs but they might not be aware of that.

    There is no commitment from those who have been infested with bedbugs and on how to get rid of them. Indeed,  If these cities can come up with measures in together with those homes that have been infested with bugs, there is no way they are going to be a menace again.

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