Why Bed bug Infestations are Rampant

    There have been situations where bed bugs have been declared a disaster. There are also areas which have been known to be prone to bedbugs. But the fact is that such places are prone to bugs as we don’t have awareness about its infestation. Are you aware that even the taxi that you use can have bedbugs? Yes, be careful when you travel­ in that taxi, you might act as a carrier of bugs from point A to point B.

    Bedbug infestation is rampant because some people do not maintain cleanliness in their home. How often do you clean your bedroom and your bedding? And, if you don’t do it often, your home is more likely to be infested with bugs. This is one of the many reasons for which some people keep crying of bedbug infestation.

    Lack of awareness is also a factor here. In a situation where there might be a campaign to educate people on how they can prevent or get rid of bugs. A few people would adhere to it but majority have this tendency of saying “my house has no bedbugs”. With such perception, that is why bugs keep haunting people.  

    Poor control measures also contribute to this.  There is no way you are going to cover your mattress with encasement and be sure you have protected or controlled bugs. In case you spot signs of bugs in your home, use all possible means whether it’s spraying, cleaning the room and all you can plus destroying all breeding areas. Without doing this, bugs will remain sucking you and your family every single night.

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