What’s the Difference between Scabies and Bed Bugs?

    The main difference between scabies and bed bugs is that bed bugs include a type of insect, whereas scabies are tiny mites. Scabies and bed bugs both eat by feeding upon human blood, yet they’ll do it in various ways. Scabies mites usually are too small to view with the naked eye, and they’ll burrow into an individual’s skin for the purpose of feeding and laying eggs. Generally, bed bugs hide in someone’s furniture and travel out after dark in order to feed. The symptoms of scabies and bed bugs on the skin also are different from one another, with scabies targeting specific areas and the bedbugs biting any region on the body without any preferences.

    As bed bugs bite someone, generally, they inject the individual with a numbing agent. Many individuals are allergic to the substance, and the allergy normally is what leads to the bumps appearing. Upon being bitten by a bed bug, there’ll oftentimes be a pattern of bumps over a wide region of the skin. They have soft bodies which easily bust, particularly as they are full of blood, and it may leave behind tiny blood spots on someone’s mattress.

    Scabies usually target specific zones on your body. They’re especially common on someone’s wrist and within the creases between your fingers. It also is common for individuals to have scabies sores underneath the area of their stomach, around their genitals, on their elbows, and between their toes. At the start of an infestation, scabies sores often will appear like white lines within the skin, yet over time, they generally will become red inflamed bumps. The bumps usually itch pretty badly, and individuals often will aggressively scratch them enough to open the skin up and potentially cause extra skin infections.

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