What’s a Bed Bug-Proof Mattress?

    Bed bug colonies require a safe place to nest and sometimes accessibility to a human host so they are able to thrive. Bed bugs are extremely hardy. The bed bugs and their eggs can survive for months between feedings. Bed bugs may be killed by freezing cold or extreme heat, yet these measures often are challenging to employ within a living space. Bed bug-proof mattresses might not fully eliminate bed bugs from the property; however, it greatly can decrease their numbers and thereby, the nuisance they cause.

    Bed bugs naturally will search for a secluded and safe area in which to hide and nest. They like to burrow deep into porous and soft items like bedding and beds. Most products exist in order to thwart this desire on the part of these bugs, mainly in the form of wraps and encasements which fully enclose a mattress and typically the box springs, and turn a regular mattress within a bed bug-proof mattress. As the mattress is completely enclosed and encasement’s zippers are sealed tightly, the bugs inside the bed are going to be unable to exit to feed, and any additional bugs are going to be unable to crawl inside to nest. It’ll lead to the slow decline of the bug population.

    Additional choices for foiling bed bug invaders is available as well. A simplistic, yet extremely effective kind of bed bug-proof mattress includes a regular air mattress. The rubber, tough surface of a high quality air mattress has the ability to withstand a pest's attempts to burrow in. They’ll discover no safe nesting areas in or on a regular air mattress. If the pests try to nest inside the bedding, a trip through the washing machine is going to kill them.

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