What you might have not known about Bed bugs

    A bed bug is a bloodsucking insect which is a parasite of mammals and birds. They exclusively feed on blood and that is why human beings are mostly infested with them. Many people complain of bed bugs not knowing that they might be the one who might have welcomed these bugs and they provide them with perfect place for them to survive. Bed bugs survive in dark places and thus if you never open your bedroom window to allow natural light and fresh air inside your room, you are encouraging bed bugs to take control of your room.

    If you never clean your house thoroughly especially in corners, furniture and even joints of your bed, chances are that you are not doing enough to get rid of or prevent bugs from infesting your house. This is so because these are the places where bugs hide and breed.

    If you observe cleanliness, you are not likely to be infested with bed bugs. But, you cannot just ignore the fact that, even if you have never encountered them in your house, should you not take preventive measures? Yes . You should always take preventive measures to keep off these sucking bugs.

    These bugs can be carried by anyone and can be taken anywhere, so you have s to be always  on the lookout if you see any sign of them. Though they do not cause disease but continuous sucking of blood from you can cause anemia. Mattress corners, torn mattresses, furniture, beds (especially in joints) are the best place where these bugs hide. Pesticides can help you control or prevent them but you don’t have to wait until the situation is out of control so that you can start crying out for help.

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