What to do when you get Bed Bugs

    The first thought that comes to mind in most people once they discover their home has become a nesting ground for bed bugs is to get rid of them.  But before you reach into your cabinet for an old can of bug spray and start covering the whole house with it, there is one important task you need to take care of first, and that is identifying the source of the infestation.

    The first location that comes to mind when identifying the source of bed bugs: the bed of course!  And although that is a valid location to start out, you will also need to look under the tufts, seams and folds of the mattress as well.

    Now despite their namesake, Bed Bugs are not only found in beds or under mattresses.  Parasites can make a home in almost any area of your home.  You can find them hiding in droves beneath your carpets or in shag rugs.  You can find them crawling through the clothes in your dresser or closet.  You can also find them crawling around anywhere from the cracks in your walls to the light bulb shrouds beneath your celling fans.

    Bed bugs, despite their cozy sounding name, are still creepy crawlies and they can be found in any area of the house.  So even if you think you may have only a small infestation of bugs you should probably still consider calling pest control to handle your infestation.

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