What Illnesses Do Bed Bugs Spread

    We all know that bed bugs can leave bites on your skin.  But so do many types of insects, and is this really a cause for concern?

    It’s not entirely certain if bed bugs can spread other diseases to humans, such as leprosy or oriental sores.  Cases of these are poorly documented, however being bitten by a bed bug is a cause for concern, whether as an infant or an adult.

    The greatest risk, for certain, would be irritation of the bites.  Not all people react the same to bed bug bites.  Typically, a bed bug bite will not become visible until a day or two after the actual bite from the bug.  However, sometimes the bites do not show at all, since some people do not react to being bitten.  For people who are very allergic, large wheals can appear that will gradually shrink.

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